O.K., I know I only published a book the previous month, and I don’t want it to seem that I’m churning these books out, but it has nothing to do with the Coronavirus and lockdown. In fact, I have been writing it for many years.

This book has been on my mind for decades, and to some extent reflects my own feelings. I originally thought of it for television, especially as it’s quite episodic, but it’s finally emerged as a book.

I hate these self-penned blurbs that say things like “This book will change your life,” or “The funniest book you will read this year, or indeed any year.” I shall just say that it’s meant to be funny …

It’s the story of someone who doesn’t want to just drift idly though life as others seem happy to, without achieving anything memorable. He wants to secure a place in history, as have Brunel, Dickens, Elgar and Shakespeare.

To become immortal …

It is now available on Amazon in paperback (@£4.00)

and Kindle (@ £1.77)



My eighth collection of puzzling detective short stories, ‘Inspector Pirat’s Pieces of Eight,’ is now out on Amazon in paperback

and Kindle
The twenty stories include a murder mystery set on the Disorient Express, the murder of an internet troll, and a mysterious case of dognapping. They include my usual references to other detective writers’ books and “inverted jokes” …
I would have thought that this would have appeared much earlier because of the lockdown, but I get most of my ideas on holiday, so this is a little late.
And, as usual, formatting and proofing took a long time.
So, here it is!


My latest Inspector Pirat book, ‘Inspector Pirat’s Seventh Heaven,’ is now out on Amazon in paperback

and Kindle

This is the seventh collection of puzzling detective short stories featuring Inspector Pirat (as anglicised as Detective Inspector John Pratt).

Cases include an actress being blown up in her own trailer (whilst afloat!), a murder at a health spa, and a mysterious death during a reality television show.



My latest – the sixth! – Inspector Pirat book, ‘The Scrapbook of Inspector Pirat,’ is now out on Amazon in paperback

and Kindle


Free book!

A series of hopefully-humorous notes that could be described as a short book or a long pamphlet, this book suggests what one might do when one retires and finds it’s not a new life, just a not-going-to-work life, with lots of time to do all those things you always wanted to do but without the money to do it with.

And it’s supposed to be funny, not helpful!


A series of (fictional) short stories about the pioneers in the development of time travel, from the earliest groundbreaking, but ultimately unsuccessful, attempts, through to today, when anybody, whether legitimately or otherwise, can travel through time, to the past or to the future, as often as they want

Paperback :-

Kindle :-


My fifth collection of Inspector Pirat stories is now available.

The books are available on Amazon :

Paperback (£5.99) :-

Kindle (£1.99) :-


There has lately been a lot of interest on various websites (especially Facebook’s ‘Cardiff Now and Then’ and ‘Llanishen and Rhiwbina Past and Present’) about what used to be (and to some extent still is) Llanishen village … and also in our coach company, as so many folk have fond memories of the coach tours we ran.  It saddens me that so many of the older members of the village have now passed on without committing their memories of village life to print.

So I thought it timely to bring out a small book about my memories of living in Llanishen village from the 1950s to the 1980s, and of running the coaches from there.

‘Memoirs of a Coach-Operating Man’ is available on Amazon for £3.99 (paperback) and £1.49 (kindle).

Paperback :

Kindle :-



Rob’s fourth Inspector Pirat book is available on Amazon for £6.99 (paperback) and £1.99 (kindle)

Paperback :

Kindle :-


Pirat Taste.KDP Cover 2.2017-06-28.rlf


“A Taste of Inspector Pirat” is a free sampler.

It contains three stories that have been previously published, and one not yet published. So, if you bought the other books, there’s still one story you haven’t read … and it’s free!

It’s available on Smashwords for download only, but to a number of different formats including Kindle and PDF.

Kindle / PDF, et cetera :



Rob’s third Inspector Pirat book is available on Amazon for £6.99 (paperback) and £1.99 (kindle)

Paperback :

Kindle :


Pirat 2.Final Front Book Cover.2016-04-12.rlf

Rob’s second book is available on Amazon for £6.99 (paperback) and £1.99 (kindle)

Paperback :

Kindle :


1 - Delete - Book

Rob’s first book is available on Amazon for £6.99 (paperback) and £1.99 (kindle)

Paperback :

Kindle :


JMA.Front Cover.2016-07-01.rlf

Rob’s first book for children is available on Amazon for £4.80 (paperback) and £1.99 (kindle)

Paperback :

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